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                              KONSTANTINOS PANAGOS


Konstantinos Panagos - or Kosta -  has studied at the University of St. Petersburg in Russia and at Vaasa University in Finland specialising in the russian and finish language and culture.

Special arrangements feature on nearly all our/his tours – for admission to places not generally open to travelers, for access outside public hours, for private dinners and extraordinary events.

In innumerable ways, large and small, Konstantin lift his clients’ experience far above standards which are regarded as normal for tourists.

Rooted in knowledge of the destination and of the subject matter of the tour, the outcome of assiduous research and reconnaissance, and underpinned by twenty-five years of thought and experience, Konstantinos itineraries are second to none.

Licensed guides are a key ingredient of our tours and we select them with great care.

Not the least attractive aspect of travelling with Njord Of Greece:s is that you are highly likely to find yourself in congenial company, self-selected by common interests and endorsement of the company’s ethos.