Njord Of Greece      
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How strenuous?

Walking, stair-climbing and standing around for lengthy periods are unavoidable aspects of every tour. These features should not present problems for anyone of normal fitness, but our tours and events are not suitable for those who walk slowly, need support, or lack stamina.

On many tours there is a lot of walking on streets, which may be steep or poorly paved. On some you may need to scramble over fallen masonry and very uneven ground. More usually, it is just a case of walking from one place to another – and getting on and off a coach several times a day.

Secondly, the tours are group events. The presence of even one person who is not fit enough to cope can spoil the experience for everyone else.

If during the tour it transpires that you are not adequately fit, you may be asked by the tour manager to opt out of certain visits.

If you have a medical condition or a disability which may affect your holiday or necessitate special arrangements being made for you, please discuss these with us before booking – or, if the condition develops or changes subsequently, as soon as possible before departure