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             Njord Of Greece      
 -A Special Interest Holiday Company-


Sustainable Turism

We think our tours give a positive kick, a holiday with a cultural purpose, by providing economic benefits for the locals. We work to minimize our impact on the environment by, for example, engaging us in:

 - With a restaurant that only uses locally produced or seasonal produce. 

 -With the help of a hotel that has a particularly strong environmental policy. 

- With the help of a bus company using buses with a lower carbon footprint. 

- Licensed guides, that is, guides who have completed a 3-year guide course at university level.

 Support the local economy or local project conservation, such as: 

 - With the help of a small supplier for a certain aspect of the tour. 

- Using independent or local guides rather than a major national authority. For customers booking online, we also offer a green option, which means that travel documentation is delivered electronically if possible. We have introduced many measures to maintain a sustainable office, to only write on paper as needed and on appropriate paper, cardboard and other recycled materials.